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Our Mission Statement

The mission of LCAAA is to serve as an advocate for persons 60 years and older by helping them to achieve a better quality of life; to secure and maintain independence and dignity in a home environment for older individuals who are capable of self care with the appropriate supportive services; to remove individual and social barriers to economic and personal independence for older individuals; and to provide a continuum of care to the vulnerable elderly, serving those older individuals most at risk of institutionalization.

Brief History

Lake Country Area Agency on Aging (also known as LCAAA) began operating in January 1974, and the Nutrition Program began in August 1974. These two programs were consolidated into one department in January 1975. Services to the aged receive Title III and Title V funds from Older Americans Act and local funds from the Counties of Brunswick, Halifax, Mecklenburg, and the Town of South Hill.

The other programs of the Lake Country Area Agency on Aging have been added since the beginning of it's operation to enhance the quality of life for the aging population of the community.

Lake Country Area Agency on Aging
1105 West Danville St.
South Hill, Virginia 23970

Phone (434) 447-7661 - Fax (434) 447-4074
Toll Free 1-800-252-4464 (Within VA.)